Some much-needed R&R

I’ve had a total of four hours’ worth of dance practice for these past two days and I’m exhausted. My eyelids feel all heavy and my whole body aches. Now I know what it feels like to be a trainee — I kid, I kid…. u__u It’s a little startling to note though, that these trainees in entertainment companies go through this every single day, for probably 14-15 hours a day and here I am, feeling so drained after working out for a mere percentage of what they’re used to.

Regardless, I’m in that sort of mood where I’m just too tired to really do anything that requires too much brain work, so the rest of my night will probably consist of me glued to my computer, chilling. Just for tonight, I’m not going to do any writing, or worry about how school is literally starting in two days (NOOOOOO) and I’m not going to get overly stressed out over my poor grades or over FOC. Thanks to Tumblr, I managed to find an online stream of Jackal is Coming with English subs (HALLELUJAH), the Korean movie which was released late last year and stars JYJ‘s Jaejoong. I was meaning to catch it once it hit theatres here, but since there’s an opportunity to catch the show earlier (and for free, too), well I’m definitely not gonna say no to that (link’s here but shhhh).

But before that, I’m gonna try out the nourishing Orange Pekoe mask from the Banila Co. Tea Party Mask Sheet Set that Rachel got from Korea. Ahh~ it’s so pretty, thank you ^-^ They come in various tea flavours, and it’s basically a freaking tea party on your face (or so I hope) – I bet it smells lovely!


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