Celebrating 2013

I know many people will say that New Year’s eve is usually when you spend time with your friends, but my New Year’s eve this year was spent with the people who mean the most to me – my family. I had my cousins and my aunt over, and I always enjoy spending time with my favourite cousin, Genevieve, even though I see her maybe twice or thrice a year. She’s just so refreshingly honest (girl reads atl/1d/sterek fanfics like no other yo), and she keeps me young even though I practically feel like a senior citizen now that I’m 20 u__u

My mum cooked up a feast last night and we pigged out on turkey with gravy, roast beef, pasta, potato salad, seasoned carrots, slow-cooked pork ribs and omg i am s t u f f e d (might have something to do with me going for a second round just after midnight)

Because I’m pretty much a lazy person who’s content being stuck at home doing nothing, that’s exactly how I spent my last day of 2012. I sipped on a coke float (ok that’s a lie I inhaled the entire thing like the greedy slob I am, happy?!), taught the cousin how to make gifs (lol it’s an art that you have to master ok) and took terrible self-pictures (as usual). I’ve come to the conclusion that we are probably the two most unphotogenic people on the planet (or maybe it’s just me T__T).

…we tried? And right before midnight struck, my dad insisted we take a group photo of all of us ringing in the new year with some terrible-tasting champagne – so that was what we did. It took about eight or so tries with the self-timer before we managed a semi-decent shot. Even Milo snuck in on the action (and doesn’t she look adorable?!).

And then I ended my night watching The House Bunny on Channel 5, and it’s still funny after a million and one times. As for New Year’s resolutions, I don’t even know what mine were last year but for this year I’ll keep it short and do-able:

  • Be nicer to the people I love
  • Don’t spend as recklessly + save money once in awhile!!!
  • Study harder for Semester 2 and get better grades

Hope your New Year’s eve went swimmingly and here’s toasting to greater things in 2013!



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