Obligatory celebratory post

My last two finals were yesterday, which means…

I always write out a list of to-do things during my studying period, but once my exams are over, I usually only end up completing like one or two things out of the list, if even. My laziness is truly remarkable. Sigh.

Last weekend was busy busy busy, but not because I was studying for my three upcoming papers. Instead, I was dedicating time to covering Sundown Festival 2012 for Dinoseoul, which you know, is always the smart thing to do during the week of your finals…. I think this was possibly the least I’ve ever studied for my exams, ever. But I’m not sure why I really couldn’t be bothered enough. But at least it’s over – I hope my grades are decent enough to get me to Seoul for exchange next year. Oh please, please.

I’ve been holding on to Ying Xin’s DSLR the past week, which is something that is still number 1 on my Christmas wish list (Santa, can you hear me? I have been so good this year~). And I shall leave you with a photo that was especially well-taken…..


Somebody pass this beauty queen her crown, thx.


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