December’s gonna be great

I’m on a very brief (I swear) respite from studying to document the very large hole SMTown Live World Tour III has left in my heart (and wallet). I don’t confess to being an SM stan since I much prefer BlockB.A.P, but now that EXO has officially joined SMTown, well, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Although EXO only performed ‘History’ and ‘MAMA’ and they were up quite early on, the rest of the concert was just… asdfghjkl;lkl;’

I really didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. Yes, despite the fact that the clouds decided to rain all over us towards the last few songs and despite the fact that my poncho was a cheap piece of crap that barely covered me and left me soaked. I especially enjoyed Super Junior‘s performances because they sang a lot of their songs live and their stage presence was impressive, even though Leeteuk and Siwon were missing from the line-up.

Some highlights off the top of my head, in no particular order:

  1. EXO, of course. I was waving my EXO-M lightstick around like a mad woman, and may or may not have screeched like a banshee each time the camera flashed to Lay. (Though I found out later that he hurt his back and slumped forward from the pain mid-way through ‘History’ ;___;) I was so excited when EXO-M started off the ‘MAMA’ perf since K usually do it, so we get to see Kris and Xiumin lip-shouting hee ^^
  2. Eunhyuk‘s Singlish moments when Suju was introducing themselves. I can’t wholly remember but I think he even pulled out “Do you happy lah?” at one point.
  3. When the fangirl was wrapped in a KyuMin sandwich at the end of ‘Just the Way You Are’, I swear I could hear collective envious sighs all around.
  4. I usually roll my eyes at Kris’ attempt at swag during the SMTown ‘Like A G6’ performances but watching it live was seriously… :O And when Kris, Amber and Key climbed onto the substage that was so freaking close to where I was sitting, oh god, I. Cannot. Function. With Krisber being chummy and sitting by the edge of the stage and diva Key making fab faces at the camera, the performance was too flawless for words.
  5. Um, JongMin porn during ‘Internet War’? Kthxbai. I vaguely recall Ying Xin saying something like “I shouldn’t say this but omg that was so hot” LOL. But understandable, because omgitwassohot.
  6. I’m not sure if ‘Open Arms’ has been performed previously but it was SO GOOD. I especially liked Baekhyun‘s voice in the song. Such a good rendition, ahhh~
  7. When Suju did ‘Superman’, complete with their overdramatic entrance and then ‘Bonamana’ later, I was so captivated. Those two were definitely among my favourite performances of the night, along with Donghae and Eunhyuk’s ‘Oppa Oppa’. Consider me an ~E.L.F.~ now… loljk but they were that good.
  8. And the end with ‘Hope’ with LayHan being cute spraying water on everyone (ft. Sehun running off like a little girl), and KrisLay going off together at one point ~MY FEELS~ And Tao with his panda hat!!! (Even though I only saw this later in fancams.) I thought the rain would make everyone stay at the main stage, but they were all running around the different stages and being fanservicey. What a perfect end to a perfect four-hour concert.

But now I have to accept the fact that I’ve been to one of the biggest K-pop events in existence basically, and that it’s over now (WAHHH BUT I DON’T WANNAAAA). And here’s a highlight reel for Dinoseoul that Michelle edited (because wow, that’s totally helping me not wanna turn back time and return to Friday night).

Ahem, moving on to December… Some things to look forward to (so I don’t sink into an SMTown-induced funk):

  • Sundown Festival 2012 + press con. Yay I can’t wait to see BTOB live! Hmm… Gotta think of some non-fangirly questions to raise during the press con. AH ILHOON-AH NOONA IS COMING
  • Then once my exams are finally over, I get to celebrate with some RaNia heh. Idk I think it’ll be fun! Gotta do my homework and listen to their songs first though.
  • Then I’ll be meeting up with some of the poly kids for dinner, and finally get to see the two now-bald boys whom I haven’t seen in 5ever
  • I’ve also got Main Comm handover for FOC ’13, which will hopefully not be as awkward a night as I think it’d be…
  • Followed by two days of emceeing at NEX Citigems which will put a cool 350 bucks in my pocket (at the expense of my pride, but ya know…)
  • And then my second ever independent trip out of Singapore to be reunited with my Yixing (lolol just let me please) cause I’ll be going for the 2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia! It’ll be a night of the underdogs because the line-up consists of Super Junior-M, EXO-M and BTOB (heh again). I am so excited for this, I cannot even. I really hope EXO-M (1) sings live and (2) have more than just two songs.
  • I’ll also be going to Chiang Mai in the second half of December and I heard the weather’s lovely, and the place is lovely, AND THERE’S WI-FI IN THE HOTEL ROOM *celebrates*

December’s gonna be guh-reat. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “December’s gonna be great

  1. I’m so excited to see them again! SMTOWN was a really good um, appetiser (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for our Malaysia adventure woohoo~ GOOD LUCK FOR THE REST OF YOUR EXAMS.

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