SMTown, my body is ready for you

I’m collecting my VIP tickets tomorrow afternoon, and I am officially excited for this Friday! Where will I be going? Why, only the biggest K-pop event of the year – SMTown! It took me awhile, but now I can’t wait to sit in my seat for four hours and be completely blown away. Although we won’t be getting any new songs from EXO since their comeback wasn’t scheduled for November as I’d hoped (sad face), I’m still excited, nonetheless.

No longer will an ocean separate me and my Yixing – though I guess since EXO will be pretty much stuck at the main stage all the way at the back, it might as well be an ocean… But our eyes shall meet across the sea of fangirls, and our hearts shall be together ~as one~ Ha…ha. *poker face*

EXO-M was in Taiwan recently and they did an interview for Yahoo, which was released today, and my goodness, when did they get so funny? Chen and Lay are trolls. Luhan is pretty much half-Korean. And I swear, Kris is slowly creeping up my bias list. First with his damn alpaca, and now with his sense of humour. I can’t.

Now I’m off to load up the SMTown setlist on my iPod and let it accompany me while I study.


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