Really, Taiwan?

Just when I was so happy to see Jiro Wang in something good again after the disaster that was Absolute Boyfriend, and basically everything he’s been in after ToGetHer, the guy has to go and get casted in something that is sure to be a hot mess.

Yup, Taiwan has hopped on the bandwagon (rather blindly, might I add) and has decided to remake the wildly successful (internationally, at least) You’re Beautiful. This comes after Japan’s version Ikemen desu ne last year, starring Takimoto Miori and Tamamori Yuta.

I’ll admit You’re Beautiful was my crack drama of 2009, and the draggy second half won’t dim my love for it. It was the first time I was introduced to the Hong Sisters‘ zany brand of humour, and I was absolutely in love. Months and years after it first aired and with my rose-tinted glasses finally off, I’m definitely aware that the drama came with its fair share of flaws. And when Japan announced its remake two years later, I was pretty receptive to the idea. I mean, I did kinda miss the show, and I wanted to see how different it’ll be.

…Not that different, as it turned out. I absolutely love the male lead, and I thought he really balanced the quirky and the heartfelt very well, and wasn’t as exaggerated a character as Jang Geun Suk‘s Hwang Tae Kyung. But I never did finish the drama because if I wanted to watch You’re Beautiful done well, I’d take my DVDs out for a spin, instead of watching the same thing in Japanese.

And now we have a Taiwanese version with Jiro as the male lead… because that’s totally necessary. How many more times can he play the same character type? But I guess instead of being a washed out popstar, he gets to be one in his heyday this time. Jiro definitely has the ability to pull this off flawlessly (even if he is a little old for the role) but I just want him to stop being the only good thing in every single piece of work he’s in. With that said, I’ll still give the drama a whirl though, and I hope to god they’re able to remake and not just replicate. Because Taiwan’s knack for over-the-top antics may actually be the saving grace that will help change things up. I can only hope.

(Source: koalasplayground)


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