Give it a go go go

I started watching the C-drama Drama Go Go Go today with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin, and it’s so nice to see Jiro in something good again. But I am second lead-shipping so hard, it’s not even funny (though I mostly ship him with me more than anything so um). Luckily, I do love me some Jiro, and I have remaining Jiro feels left over from his ToGetHer (still my fave TW-drama of all time)/Fahrenheit days so I have faith he’ll turn the tables around once the romance heats up.

But in the mean time, Lin Geng Xin is making me make whale noises at my screen each time he shows up. And he is a 1988-er! Insanely young and romancing a 36-year-old onscreen? Props. I’ll just sit here and cry a little from his perfection and let the pictures from his sizzling May Elle Men photoshoot do the talking.

(Picture credits: Baidu)


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