The Voice and other things I do to procrastinate

This weekend flew by and it’s amazing how much I lack a sense of urgency. I’m about 500 words into my 1000-word film essay due tomorrow, and I’m still blogging and refreshing Twitter like nobody’s business. Complacency? I think so.

I even watched a two-hour episode of The Voice just now, if you know, that wasn’t enough to convince you about how likely I’m gonna screw up my essay. My favourite’s gone though because that’s always the way it is (Mackenzie it’s not your fault your mentor screwed you over and can’t appreciate the unique indie-pop quality you bring to the show k xx).

But how BRILLIANT was Amanda Brown? I’ve embedded the video clip on Facebook but I’m going to share it here too, because W-O-W. Best performance of the night, hands down. And a fantastic way to close the show (Those high notes at the end! I can’t count how many times I’ve replayed it). It brings me back to fond AI8 memories where Adam Lambert always delivered the last performance of the night, because hello, rockstar. This girl’s stage presence is unbelievable and it’s hard to believe she’s a backup singer, like gurllll where have you been hiding all this while?!

I also collected my limited edition ‘Blockbuster’ album today. I guess it’s a little later than some, but it’s well worth the wait because it’s absolute perfection. What’s different is that it comes with a pin, a cheering towel (which looks like a pirate flag and the material is so soft), some postcard looking things which are so pretty and high-quality. And the CD comes with two bonus tracks, the acapella versions of ‘Nillili Mambo’ and ‘Mental Breaker’. Both sound GORGEOUS because you can really hear the vocals clearly without the distraction of the backing track.

Now back to my essay… I have to say it’s definitely easier to write though because I find that there aren’t a lot of technical aspects to Thelma & Louise (which is a really great film btw, give it a go!). But it gives me the problem of not having a lot of places to cite from since a lot of it comes from my own inferrences, and because it’s an academic essay and we’re supposed to back up everything, there’s a bit of problem. But the scene towards the end where they lure the gross, perverted lorry driver who was leering at them and then gave him a piece of their mind before burning down his fuel tank – so satisfying. Hooray for female empowerment – men can suck it!

And to end off my post, it’s half an hour before it’s the 12th so I hope everyone had a ~~*~Happy Pepero Day~*~~ today! Keeping in theme with girl power, I bought my own box of almond Pepero (my fave!!!) and I inhaled the entire thing. Okay, I might have given a stick or two to my dad, but other than that, who needs men, yeah?


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