Where ya been?

I haven’t updated this space in a long, long time. I won’t say a lot has happened, but fandom-wise, I finished B.A.P Killing Camp last week, and these boys really deserve more shows because they’re adorable. I know I had some problems with how awkward they were during Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P and I also read in an early interview about how they still feel uncomfortable with some of the members when left alone together, but they’ve grown so much in such a short time, and it just makes me feel all proud. :’)

They’re also currently promoting ‘Hajima’, a track which I haven’t yet grown to love, which may also be why I haven’t been keeping up with their music show performances. But please, please vote for B.A.P for MAMA here. There are tutorials you can find to create accounts for the related websites in order to have voting access. I know a lot of the artistes nominated work really hard and probably deserve the award too, but these guys have worked non-stop since their debut, and it would be such a lovely reward.

At the same time, my number 1 Block B boys returned with ‘Nillili Mambo’ and are currently promoting (I’ve made just about a million posts or three about this so). I watch most of their music show performances because they’re pretty flawless, and here’s one of favourites so far:

They’re currently wreaking havoc on Match Up Returns but I haven’t gotten round to watching them because I’m still waiting for subs WAH. But BontheBlock are such kind souls – I mean, they painstakingly translate all the tweets and are taking on this subbing project, so really, kudos and tons of love to those guys!


School-wise, it’s still a pain. We filmed our CS0900 environmental video like two weeks back, and I was feeling pretty confident about it until it came to editing, where I felt like I had zero say in anything. Caster and I took matters into our own hands and are currently in the midst of reworking it. We’re sort of doing this behind Isaac’s back and haven’t yet told him we filmed additional scenes (cause we’re chicken shits) so I hope it all goes well :/ I may link the video once it’s done, but we’ll see.

Here are some pretty pictures from our shoot at the open area in Woodleigh. Thanks to all the Cherokitties who came down – I don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t! (All pictures taken by Isaac and Caster)

Camwhoring pre-shoot! Where’s Ting…
Unleashing my inner supermodel… kinda

Miranda was feeling faint so I offered my lap but um I was sitting on my iPod so here’s an awkward shot of me trying to wrestle it out of my butt pocket without disturbing her
My favourite picture from the shoot


I’ve literally spent the entire day today watching dramas. I marathoned Full House Take 2 and it’s crazy, and it’s awesome, and I’m dying for more. I’m halfway through my impressions post for Dinoseoul, and there’s just so much to say, that I don’t know what to say. And wow, Noh Min Woo, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THAT BODY?! He’s a little too skinny for my tastes, but he’s very very tall, and BOY IS RIPPED. Wow wow wow. And his freaking bone structure is cut from glass, I swear. He’s literally one of the most beautiful famous Korean men I can think of in recent times. Like, it’s quite literally unreal, how beautiful and godly he is. Okay, I’ll stop. …But can you at least understand where I’m coming from here?!

After watching all the currently released episodes of Full House 2, I was left with a little sad void, and was itching to watch something else so I started Episode 1 of Piece, this J-drama that I’ve heard about that was apparently pretty good. It’s poignant and pretty, and there’s just something about it… It has that very pensive air to it, and the two lead characters are so intriguing. I’m currently waiting for Episode 2 to finish downloading, and I hope I have the stamina to continue on because my attention span wanes so easily, particularly when it comes to J-dramas.

I also signed up for ‘Only One’ dance classes in addition to my Thursday ones so I have that to look forward to. I need to watch BoA‘s live perfs a couple more times to get the feel of the choreo before getting into it. And note to self: Either do something about your infatuation, OR MOVE ON. *awkward smile because um*

Oh, and lastly… 2NE1 last night! It was such a cool experience having an actual guerilla concert happening here in Singapore, and with a huge group like 2NE1, no less! Rumours were flying about the day about the girls’ appearance at the supposed hologram concert since they were seen shopping at MBS, and well, turns out, the rumours were totally true!

Now I’m not a huge fan of the girls – I really only like a select few groups in K-pop – but I had a lot of fun, and we were pretty in front, I would say (though this inconsiderate girl brought along a stool and pretty much towered over everyone and blocked all of our views grr). Only 500 could get into the barricaded area along the bridge at Clarke Quay, but I’m sure more people filled the space.

And can we just talk about how gorgeous CL looked? Talk about hair envy! She was a total rockstar last night, as were the rest of the girls, but the 21-year-old leader really stood out for me. And she was impressive with her English too; I totally did not know she was that fluent.

And to think, the concert was free! Haha that’s pretty Singaporean of me, but still, how often would you get to see these YG superstars perform without paying a single cent? Check out the write-up that Rachel churned out at record time for Dinoseoul here. And please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter – it’ll mean so much to us as a growing editorial website. :)



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