Block B bounces back

Yesterday was a terrible day for me because I was down with a massive case of the cramps in the evening. I got into 179 after my business law lecture and I vaguely remember slumping semi-consciously in a seat before stumbling out at Pioneer MRT station to flag a cab. My cramps are always the absolute worst. I waited at the taxi stand for a bit and at this point it’s like this stabbing pain in my lower abdomen and I swear I was thisclose to passing out. I puked all over the curb and then leaned against a wall somewhere until I managed to finally, finally flag down a cab. I swear cramps are forever cramping my style. Ugh.

But I’m much better today and the point of this is really to celebrate the return of my favourite boys… WOOHOO BLOCK B IS BACK! Okay, I know all this while I haven’t been completely faithful, what with B.A.P and EXO-M creeping their way and settling into their own permanent spaces in my heart, but Block B will always have a bigger share, I promise. ♡

The seven of them came back with ‘Nillili Mambo’ today and it’s such a great, upbeat song, that’s just so them. It’s powerful, insanely catchy and what I love most about it is that all of them get lines! B-Bomb isn’t relegated to merely the autotuned parts and Jaehyo gets more than a line, so I’m happy. I’m not crazy about the song yet even though I’ve listened to it a couple of times, but it’s really the nature of their entire return and their mere existence, and just… Block B,that has me going a little bit rabid at the mouth, you know? I’ve waited so long for their return, and I’m so, so glad they’re back.

Check out the MV below:

I’ll be doing a more in-depth review over at Dinoseoul, but here are some quick thoughts about the MV: Zico‘s dreads are back. They look like they’re randomly stuck into the bottom of his head, but hey, if there’s anyone out there who could pull the look off… And I swear Taeil gets better looking with each comeback. This is my favourite look on him so far. Tousled dark hair, cheeky expressions – plus, he’s totally rocking the eyebrow piercing and tattoos.

P.O. and U-Kwon look just as good. And that little move where U-Kwon spins the gun on his finger? Hot. But I totally laughed out loud when it turned out that there were no bullets in it and he ended up getting beaten up. Leave it to Block B to inject some humour into a swaggeriffic MV. B-Bomb looks like he always does – good – but with proper singing lines for once! He actually sounds really good.

I’m not loving the bright hair colour on Kyung though, but him and his chicken… I swear everything looked badass until it got to Kyung chasing the chicken around with a frying pan. Hilarious. And then you have Jaehyo. Oh, Jaehyo… What do I do with you? He seems to always get the short end of the stick. From getting cosy with the U-Kwon lookalike lady, to getting stuck with a cowboy outfit somewhere in the middle, this boy just can’t catch a break.


I’ve preordered my limited edition album! And I’ve listened to the songs in ‘Blockbuster’ once through and it’s good! It still needs a couple more listens from me but I’m really loving ‘Movie’s Over’ so far – god, who knew Zico could sing like that?

I managed to rush home after class today, in time to live stream their comeback showcase off YouTube and it was g l o r i o u s. It was everything I wanted and more. I didn’t realise how much I really missed these boys until I watched this showcase. Oh god, the smile on my face when they walked out on stage… While they were performing ‘Nillili Mambo’, and Jaehyo and Kyung couldn’t stop grinning at the back, THEY LOOKED SO GODDAMNED HAPPY I SWEAR. I bet it felt good to finally be back.

The songs they performed were:

  • Nillili Mambo
  • Movie’s Over
  • No Joke (Rap line)
  • Mental Breaker
  • Nanlina (Encore)

There was a really long interview segment and the boys all talked about what they’d do if their song reached number one. Jaehyo and P.O. promise to cut off their long locks, Zico and B-Bomb agree to go shirtless, U-Kwon will stop wearing sleeveless tops (WHY THOUGH), Taeil will go without his shoe-lifts (LOL) and Kyung will do the famous ‘Mental Breaker’ dance in the middle of Myeongdong!

One of my favourite parts of the showcase though, was the little talk/banter segment that Jaehyo, U-Kwon and B-Bomb did after their wardrobe change during ‘No Joke’. Jaehyo came out in a floral shirt tucked into denim shorts that are freaking mid-thigh and he said, “Why am I the only one like this in showcases?” LOL the coordi nunas sure love him. And I swear the guy has better legs than me. But he was so embarrassed about his outfit though and kept trying to pull down his shorts or cover up his skinny legs, it was so cute. And then you have U-Kwon with his sunglasses, pretending to be cool until… “I’m not trying to act cool. I wore my pants backwards while changing.” Sigh these boys are so precious, I just can’t.

The trio were eventually joined by the rest of the members and one thing I noticed was how Zico was really nice and kept thanking the fans and telling them to not push and shove too much so that they won’t get hurt. It’s just such a responsible leader thing to do. :’)

Here’s the full showcase if you missed the live streaming. Watch it. I promise it’s worth it.

(Source: Bontheblock)


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