Time for a quickie

Gonna type up a quick update before I pass out.

1. I watched The Perks of Being A Wallflower and was surprised by how much I actually loved it. I never did pick up the book before today because it has this reputation of being this sort of ‘hipster bible’, but I went to Popular and bought it right after the movie ended. I’ll probably do up a mini review on just why it really got to me. Perhaps after I’m done with the book.

2. PAPA is gonna be taking up my entire weekend. It’s this drama production thing in school that I signed up for (and sort of really, really regret). I really didn’t know what I would be getting myself into… I play one of ten masked figures, I’ve got no lines, and appear on stage in a CROWD SCENE for a total of one and a half minutes. I’ve attended one rehearsal (out of a million) and it was a terrible waste of time, so I didn’t attend anymore. But since I’ve committed, the least I could do was show up for the actual production tomorrow and Sunday.

3. Tomorrow’s gonna be a loooong day not only because rehearsals start at 8.40 in the AM, but right after it ends at 11PM, I’ve got to rush down to Expo for CJ‘s ‘KPOP! Before the Dawn‘ which Rachel signed four of us up for. I think it’ll be a fun overnight event where I’ll be surrounded by K-pop and other like-minded people, but I’m really not looking forward to dancing outside of my Thursday dance class because I’m 99.9% sure I’m gonna embarrass myself in public.

4. Brian Joo‘s press conference and showcase was yesterday! It was a really good experience for me and Dinoseoul, even though I had to cab back to school ($20…) for my film tutorial, and then train back to Butter Factory where the concert’s held. Ugh not to mention I overslept on the train to Raffles Place and ended up waking up at Kallang. This is what happens when you sleep for less than 3 hours everyday…

5. I found out just now that B.A.P‘s coming back again pretty soon and I’m just… I don’t even know how to react. I’m really quite frustrated, and I just want them to s-t-o-p and have a good, long rest!!! This has been a non-stop 9-10 months, and I guess they’re gunning for the Rookie Award. I’m not sure how these award things work and how they’re tabulated, but these boys really better goddamn win. I hope people recognise how hard they’ve worked since their debut. Oh, and they’re all back to blonde! This is definitely, definitely, definitely their last comeback of this year (IT BETTER BE) and I heard that they’re going back to something ‘Warrior’-esque, which is quite a nice way to round off their year.

6. And WHAT THE FUCK?! Colton Haynes is leaving Teen Wolf?! This is not happening. I loved his Jackson in Seasons 1 and 2, and I thought he was such a complex character and Colton did a fantastic job fleshing that out and making us sympathise with the freaking villain. And when it was revealed that he didn’t die and he turned into a werewolf at the end, I was like, ‘HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH’ but um, he’s leaving anyway now?!

There were rumours that he was “forced out of the show” but apparently they couldn’t settle on the salary issue to the extent that when Season 2 ended, he still hadn’t signed on for the third. Colton’s tweeted a goodbye message and thanked fans for all the love, which pretty much confirms that this is true but an MTV spokesperson came out and said that he would definitely be appearing in Season 3. Ugh idk what is this uncertainty – praying for a miracle here 🙏

(Source: Zap2it)


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