Of tears, dreams and cliches

While I love dramas and TV shows and all that is fiction, there’s also a special little place in my heart for reality competitions. I don’t religiously keep up with any at the moment but today I stumbled upon some X-Factor videos. I never actually watched any of the many UK seasons (though I like One Direction) but I did watch S1 of X-Factor USA. I enjoyed it quite okay and thought Melanie Amaro‘s audition was amazing and her win, overall, satisfying.

But today, I just want to talk about how blown away I was by X-Factor UK‘s Ella Henderson. She’s this current season’s hot favourite and with good reason too. She is… pretty freaking great. I’m no music expert, but doesn’t she exude a certain Adele appeal? And she’s only 16. I won’t even deny the tears streaming down my face while I watched her sing her own version of Cher‘s ‘Believe’.

She has the kind of voice that is just… I can’t even begin to explain. It’s quite unique and I love how her voice breaks a little when she hits the high notes. She just sounds like she means every word that she sings. And then watching Nicole‘s reaction, followed by the impressed and happy looks on everyone else’s faces, it all leaves me in a bawling mess.

The thing about reality talent competitions that really just gets me right in the gut is seeing all these people finally, finally achieve their dreams. I just feel this indescribable wave of pure happiness for all these people. I’ll honestly probably never understand how they feel, and what it’s like to want something so badly.

I’ve honestly lost count over the number of times I’ve shed tears over watching people finally drop the kilos and embark on the next chapter in their lives in The Biggest Loser, or watching young kids brimming with talent cook better than many adults could only dream of in Junior Masterchef. Because watching them be so happy and stepping closer to their dreams, in turn makes me happy. Wow I am just a walking cliche today.


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