Chin up, soldier

Uni continues to undermine my existence, but what else is new? Just a short post before I get back to writing my film essay. I just wanted a little pick-me-up and remind myself of all the good there is in my life, even though it sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

  • Brian Joo this week! It’s Dinoseoul‘s first-ever press con invite, so I’m looking forward to schmoozing with other like-minded media people. Haha okay, knowing us, we’ll probably retreat to a corner and stare at everyone in awe, feeling truly honoured to simply be a part of the action.
  • Dinoseoul got another press-con invite for Tim Hwang‘s event in late November too! At this point, we seem to be getting passes for the not-so-known K-pop celebrities, but it really is a huge step up from nothing.
  • Still looking forward to SMTown on 23 Nov, even though I’m a little worried since we haven’t yet claimed our Cat 3 tickets. I hope everything goes smoothly and that our seats are good. And it’s Lay‘s birthday today! Happy 21st, you precious unicorn~ My um, extended gross, mushy birthday message is here.
  • Rachel and I booked a rather impromptu budget flight to KL in December ✈ I’m quite excited because it’ll mean (1) School’s out for the semester! and (2) The possibility of seeing EXO-M live again. We’re travelling in the hopes of catching the 2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia that has the Super Junior-M boys as headliners, and EXO-M and BTOB as guests. VIP tickets are insanely exorbitant at 600RM, so we’re probably aiming for one of the lower cats. Details here.

Leaving you with a gif. of the awesome two owners of Dinoseoul – taken from a very ridiculous video we filmed at Baskin Robbins last Thursday.


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