Life update in numbers

Wow. I haven’t been on here in ages. That’s not to say I haven’t been inspired to write, or blog, because I have. I’ve just been so swamped with mid-terms the past week, that I haven’t even had proper alone time on the computer. It truly sucks. And it’s not like time away helped at all, since I’m still screwed from my two papers. Sigh exams will be the death of me.

What is the point of them anyway? Exams are for those who can memorise textbooks worth of information and vomit them all out word for word come D-day. Where are all the projects to test how you can work together in teams, or apply your knowledge to semi-realistic scenarios? 80 per cent of my grade for one freaking paper?! Insane.

I should have appreciated my poly life a little more because every single day in school now, I wish I could do away with my uni education. Though, yes, I am thankful for whatever few friends I’ve made during my time in uni, but… is this what they call an existential life crisis? At this point, the only thing preventing me from completely flushing my grades down the toilet, is the possibility of going to Seoul next year for my exchange. So besides the usual, uh, questioning my whole existence thing, here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. I’ve been enjoying my weekly one-hour Thursday dance classes a lot lately. I know most people I know make fun of me for “dancing K-pop” and I pretend to take offense, but I honestly couldn’t give a shit. I may not be the best in class (in fact, I’m 99.9% sure I’m the worst), but I really think I’ve improved in leaps and bounds from the first few lessons months ago. I enjoy it a lot, and it makes me feel fit (only exercise I get each week, hollaaaa~) woohoo! But I’m just one of those people whose feet and hands for some reason can never move together in a way that looks appealing, and it’s just a fact I’ve come to accept. *single tear*

2. I don’t get it. How do I still get new followers? I haven’t been on Tumblr in forever (I’m not kidding. One and a half weeks in Tumblr time is literally equivalent to at least two months.) and I feel like I’m out of the fandom loop already. What are my oppas up to these days idk, but I’m gonna try to dip my toes into the Tumblr pool once again and try to get up to speed.

3. I’m quite literally broke. I’m knee-deep in debt because my allowance is peanuts, and they’re all going to food and concerts. I’m looking forward to SMTown here on 23 Nov, if only to see my OT12 on stage in the flesh (because I stupidly missed the chance to when I was on my way back from Seoul at Incheon airport *slaps self silly* – but that’s a story for another day). I’m not much of a fan of the SM groups or an “SM stan” I guess is what they’d call it, but my love for EXO is enough to loosen my wallet and watch all my money fly away. Of course, I’m gonna do my homework beforehand and try to fall in love with the other groups in these next two months. I need to get my money’s worth, after all. The prospect of seeing my boys perform new songs is so, so exciting too. Oh please, oh please.

4. Sometimes you just need to blast some really loud music and drown out your thoughts though, and it’s a solace that K-pop simply can’t provide – as much as I love it. I spent a better part of yesterday, listening to all the music I used to listen to way back when. I was watching old The Used, From First to Last and Escape the Fate videos, and then I stumbled upon Falling in Reverse, which is Ronnie Radke‘s new band, and they’re so good. They make music that’s in a genre I can safely say is one of my faves – it’s all guitar-heavy with breakdowns and catchy-as-hell popcentric choruses. I love, I love, I love. Will do a separate post on this soon.

5. I finally had a good night’s out with Rachel two days ago, after being cooped up at home studying all week. It wasn’t anything fancy, but god knows I needed it. I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely love spending time at home, but sometimes you just need to dress up a little and go about town, you know? I watched The Thieves and I really enjoyed it. Recommended, for sure. A little heartbreaking watching my Kim Soo Hyun make out with Jun Ji Hyun, but since she’s a bonafide goddess, I’ll accept it understandingly while I watch tearily from the sidelines, pretending I’m her. (God I am such a drama queen haha) Gonna stick the trailer here to hopefully get at least one person to watch this Ocean’s Eleven-esque movie.

6. Now that I’m freelancing for Teenage, I do enjoy it a lot because I get paid to write about K-pop, but work is work is work. And deadlines are so very real, and sometimes you’re just not in the mood to write. I have no choice though, and I need to churn out a 1-page Super Junior article in a few hours. Time to read up. And I don’t get why people don’t take my writing for Teenage seriously? Um, how many of you can say you’ve had thousands of people read a piece of work you’ve written in a professional context and get paid for it? Yeah, I thought so.

7. Like I mentioned, I haven’t really felt like writing anything work-related, and I guess Dinoseoul kinda counts. It’s my and Rachel’s baby, and I’m glad hits are through the roof now, thanks to her timely ‘Gangnam Style’ review. I’m half afraid of what’s gonna happen once the fad dies down though. For now, I’m going to get started soon on my ‘Stop Girl’ album review for the site. I love these seven U-KISS boys and to get me a little fired up about writing, I’ll probably type out a post here, looking back at all their previous title tracks, till now.

8. And rejoice – the two of us got invited to our very first official press conference! It’s for Brian Joo and although I’m not what you’d call a fan, since I hardly know any of his or Fly to the Sky‘s songs but it’s nothing a little Google and YouTube can’t fix.

9. It’s recess week this whole week, which means I have no school. But it doesn’t make that much of difference, really, since I still have a shitload of assignments due both this week, and next week. I don’t even wanna go on and get into it. Sigh school is seriously cramping my style in every way.

10. It’s the last day of September, and I’m still alone. Time to wake up.


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