Hello, hello

Recently, or rather, just a few minutes ago while I was having a nice, warm shower, I had what some may have called an epiphany of sorts. Or maybe not. I guess you can say I was inspired to take writing a little more seriously than I have for a better part of my schooling life, and that’s why I’ve made the leap, perhaps permanently, to a wordpress.

For the curious, or the masochists, my previous blog, which documented my excruciatingly embarrassing secondary school to poly life can be found here. Unsurprisingly, the earlier you read back, the more embarrassing it is. And also unsurprisingly, there aren’t a lot of posts on there, because 1. I’m lazy and 2. Refer back to (1).

I’ve never taken blogging seriously because I mean, it’s blogging. It should be short, fun, something you do when you just need a space to vent… But looking back at most of the posts I’ve penned, I realise there’s really not a whole lot of substance on there and majority of the space is taken up by pictures of good-looking celebs (oh wow, copyright, how I’ve ignored you), or me fangirling incoherently over each new next big things. It’s quite gross and embarrassing, especially for a Communications major like myself.

So now that I’m almost 20 (is it really just a few more months???) and have smoothly (okay, not quite) transitioned into uni life, I need a fresh start – a blog to reflect my growing maturity. (Ha. Kind of a stretch, but let’s go with it.) In the days to come, I hope to fill the pages with a lot of pictures to give an insight into my life (I foresee lots and lots of food porn, courtesy of my trusty Instagram app – you are a life savior!!!) because my brain is simply not capable of storing all these memories without tangible evidence in print (note to self: take more pictures!), perhaps some miscellaneous music (ahem, K-pop) and movie reviews which don’t quite fit Dinoseoul, the main blog I share with Rachel (promo time!), as well as more serious, pensive posts. Really, I’m practically an adult now, you guys.


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